What Is Kaijunit ?

Kaijunit is a Tool to Bridge Your Hobby and Business.
Fulfilling Your Needs with Flexibility, Scalability and Solution.

Powerful Hardware


Scalable Software


Custom-built Accessories


Time to get YOUR Kaijunit

A Starting Point toward Achieving Successful Robotic Development for Innovators and Business Developers, Narrowing Gap between Rapid Prototyping and Production.

Introducing the easiest and creative Robotic Development Kit for Research & Development, Experimentation and STEM Education


Our exceptionally compact, intelligent and powerful RDK set inspires innovation in robot development.


40-pin General Purpose bus which provides the flexibility for makers to create their own interface boards


Supports Ubuntu and other operating systems. (including Microsoft Windows 10 and Android*)
* limited support


More interfaces available with USB 3.0 port on connectors and header, USB 3.0 OTG, Embedded DisplayPort (eDP), Camera interface (CSI), HDMI video output, I2S audio port and Real-Time-Clock (RTC).

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