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Looking forward to Mr./Ms. ECS
Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 15, 2010 - Get your Christmas gifts ready? Instead of expecting gifts from your family or friends, ECS Global Facebook campaign could be your Santa of the year! In celebration of Christmas, ECS is holding a campaign on ECS Facebook page, giving out the most exclusive 3C products you ever dream of.
Starting from Nov 15, ECS welcomes everyone to join our “Looking for Mr./Ms. ECS” on Facebook campaign. It’s time to show your own unique creativity!  Simply by composing any photo images of any kinds that you like and are appropriate with any one of the ECS products on the campaign page and uploading it on the ECS Facebook page. 3 out of the top 5 most commented pictures on ECS Facebook page will have the chance to win iPhone 4, the latest 6-series motherboard or graphics card. Moreover, ECS fans are able to make any comments freely on any pictures. Chance of getting Gash points which can be exchanged to Playfish coins for the Facebook on-line games is also available for participants making comments on any pictures. The more comments you make, the higher chance you win the prize. ECS will surely make your Christmas of this year the best!  
Fans of ECS official page are able to obtain information of ECS first-hand product, benefits, event notice, newly released technology applications, cutting-edge trends and etc.
Just upload your own “Mr. ECS” and then wait for Santa to come
First of all, click “LIKE” bottom on ECS Facebook official Page during Nov 15 to Dec 31, 2010 to become our fans. Create your own picture by composing any photo images you think that are most suitable and representable for ECS with one of ECS products as a complete photo image. Then, upload to ECS Facebook wall.
The quantity of photos uploaded on page for each participant is unlimited. 3 out of the top 5 most commented photos (based on the quantity of picture comments) will have the chance to win our “Best Popularity Award” by taking iPhone4, ECS P67H2-A motherboard or NGTX460-768PI-F1grahpics card home. For those making comments on pictures or uploading pictures will also have chance to win Gash points.
You can get the prizes simply by commenting on any pictures!
With simple steps of joining ECS official Page and commenting on any photos you like or support, you will have chance to win Gash points (Playfish coins). The more comments you make, the higher chance you win the prize.

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