2 in 1 Notebook

Make the learning more efficient, fun and interesting!
TF10EA 2-in-1 in the classroom can be a powerful device for learning and comprehension. The interactivity it provides can make for a very engaging experience, definitely for K12-students.

Flexible Designs for Versatile Learning
Intel Education 2 in 1 and Notebook Reference Design Choose between two form factors designed specifically for education. Thin and light designs are packed with features to immerse students in educational activities, while offering a rugged design built for durability.

180° rotating design for fun learning environment
This notebook is design to be set at any angle from 0 to 180 degrees which could be used for work, for study or any entertainment usage. It with Intel low power Braswell Platform, providing real fan-less thermal design.

TL10RE - Detachable

Intel 10-inch education-oriented 2-in-1 PC give K-12 students easy access to online learning material and enable their learning experience become more socially interactive and brain friendly