L4S8A2 (V1.0)

Enables bandwidth up to 2.7GB/s providing enhanced system performance
  USB 2.0
USB2.0 is the latest connectivity standard which delivers transfer speeds up to 480Mb/s for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers.
CHIPSETº SiS® 648 (HMAC) with AGP8X North Bridge
Processorº Intel® Pentium 4 CPU
º Socket 478
º 533 / 400MHz
Main Memoryº 3 DDR DIMMs
º Supports DDR333 / DDR266 / DDR200
º 1 x AGP 8X slot
º 1 x CNR slot
Soundº C-Media CMI9738/4CH AC'97 CODEC
IEEE 1394a (optional)º RealTek RTL8801B (PHY) integrated IEEE 1394A Host Controller
LANº RealTek RTL8100/B 10/100Mbps PCI LAN Chip (optional)
º RealTek RTL8201BL 10/100Mbps PHYceiver (optional)
Back Panel I/O Portsº 1 PS/2 Mouse
º 1 PS/2 Keyboard
º 1 Parallel
º 1 Serial
º 1 IEEE 1394A
º 1 LAN
º 4 USB
º 1 Line-in
º 1 Line-out
º Microphone
Internal I/O Connectorsº Front Panel Audio header
º Front Panel USB connector
º IR header
º SPDIF out header
º 1 IEEE 1394A header
º 20-pin ATX power connector
Super I/Oº ITE IT8705F
IDEº 2 UltraDMA 133 / 100 / 66 / 33
º Silcon Image serial ATA RAID controller (optional)
USBº 6 USB 2.0 (Embedded in SiS963)
BIOSº Award 2Mb Flash EEPROM
Board Sizeº 305 mm x 244 mm

 Driver Download

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Please read the notes carefully before updating BIOS.
1.Do not update the BIOS if the system is running fine. Unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up. The manufacturer is not responsible for any BIOS flash failure.
2.Make sure your M/B PCB version number first, and then read the updated description & special note carefully to check if the new BIOS version patch pertain to your current problem.
(How to recognize the M/B PCB version)
3.Please DO NOT reboot system,unplug power supply and remove battery during BIOS update process.
4.It is recommended to use the updated flash utility included in each BIOS download package.
(How to use flash utility).

What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on L4S8A2 v1.0? 

L4S8A2 v1.0 maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
HDD: 250G
CPU: Pentium 4 400Mhz FSB (256K/512K L2 cache) CPU – 2.2G.
           Pentium 4 533Mhz FSB (512K L2 cache) CPU – 3.06G 
           Celeron 400Mhz FSB (128K L2 cache) CPU – 2.8G

Does L4S8A2 support Hyper-Threading Pentium 4 CPU? 

Yes, the L4S8A2 V1.0 supports Intel's Hyper-Threading technology. If you install a CPU with Hyper-Threading such as P4 3.06G on this MB, there is "Hyper-Threading technology" item in BIOS to let you enable or disable this new feature.

How many channels does the onboard audio of L4S8A2 V1.0 support? 

The L4S8A2 V1.0 is built in CMI 9739A Audio chip with additional Dolby Digital decoder which supports up to 6 channels.

Does L4S8A2 V1.0 support USB2.0? 

Yes, the L4S8A2 V1.0 comes with SiS 963L chip which supports USB 2.0.

Does L4S8A2 v1.0 support DDR400? 

No, the L4S8A2 v1.0 only supports to DDR333 maximum.

* means validated by ECS at time of writing. Changes to component or CPU may produce a different outcome. The result shown is for reference only and is subject to change w/o notification.

SocketFamilyProcessorWattageFrequencyCacheSteppingSince BIOS
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.6 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.6A GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.7 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.8 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.8A GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A1.9 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.0 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.0A GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.2 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.26 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.4 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.4B GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.5 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.53 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.6 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.66 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.8 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A2.8C GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Pentium 4N/AN/A3.06 GHz512KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel Celeron D325 (Prescott)N/A2.53 GHz256KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A1.7 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A1.8 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.0 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.1 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.2 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.3 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.4 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.5 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.6 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.7 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Socket 478Intel CeleronN/AN/A2.8 GHz128KN/A1.0c
Model: L4S8A2
PCB Version: V1.0
Expansion_Slot: AGP8X
USB: 2.0
Audio Pin: Front Panel Audio Connector
USB Pin: Front Panel USB Connector
1394 Pin: IEEE 1394A Header
IR Pin: Infrared Port