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Why is my ODD device not displayed under BIOS Setup of V20?

To get the ODD device displayed under BIOS Setup of V20, you must put an Win8.1 Installation DVD disc into your ODD.

How about the UEFI & Legacy mode support on V20?

V20 supports UEFI mode only.

How to adjust panel brightness & speaker volume?

Keep pressing the Brightness/Volume button (+) or (-) for 3 seconds, it will switch current mode (Brightness Control or Volume Adjustment) to another (Volume Agjustment or Brightness Control).

For Brightness Control, it will go up/go down one step whenever you hit [+] or [-]. There are 10 steps for you to swtich.
For Volume Adjustment, it it will go up/go down two steps whenever you hit [+] or [-].

A warning message "Windows 8.1 SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" appears on desktop after Win8.1 is installed.

Please install following hoxfix from Microsfot website to fix this issue.

How to install WIn8.1 from USB flash?

Please follow below procedures to install Windows 8.x to your HDD.

1) Use the USB Flash to make the Windows 8.x install device
Please refer to below URL to download and use the utility to make Windows 8.x install device.

2) Plug the USB Flash with Windows 8.x into V20 USB port.
3) Power on V20, it will start to install Windows 8.x automatically.

How to update BIOS?


1. Make sure your USB flash supports "UEFI boot". (You can refer to below URL for "how to make UEFI Bootable USB Flash".)

2. Unzip the BIOS package to the USB flash (in this example, the BIOS pacakge is 131123.rar).
The content of the USB Flash as below:

3. Remove all boot device
4. Plug the USB flash into V20
5. Power on the system
6. System will boot to UEFI mode
7. Type “ fs0: ” (the path of the USB flash)  and  press Enter

8. Type afuefix64p.efi 131123.rom /p /b /n /x to update the BIOS

9. When BIOS update finish, restart the system





USB ports don't work at all under Win8. What should I do?


Please install following hotfixes to let the USB ports work properly under Windows 8.



Does V20 support Windows 32bit version?

Currently V20 only supports Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8.x 64bit.