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What are the memory clock speed can be run and supported by this model? Is there a qualified list for reference?

This model support DDR3 1066/800MHz memory module. Please refer to the memory qualified vendors list that listed all memory modules have been tested and qualified for use with this model.

Why both front and rear audio output ports got sound simultaneously with AC97 front cable?

This is normal. Because AC97 front cable cannot support jack detection dynamically. So if you connected both speaker in rear and headphone in front, you will hear both outputs.

- AC97 Support

- Remind : Please select "AC97 Front Panel Support" at IDT sofeware if it is AC97 cable connected.

The audio jack detection will pop-up repeatedly with device un-plug and plug message at the right bottom corner of Windows while you are playing music or video lound enough with AC97 front audio cable under Windows XP.

The issue has been fixed by IDT audio driver. Please refer to follwing message and link.

- Pop-up message,

Released date: 2010/12/13
Driver version: 5.10.6233.243
Download link :