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There are several PCB versions for this model. What are the difference among them? Can they share the BIOS for each other?

The main difference is the below table. Due to there are some different hardware among them, they cannot share the BIOS for each other.

Can this model support AMD 95W CPU?


This model is designed for supporting 89W CPU base on AM2+ platform. As you can see there are some 95W CPU listed on CPU support table, these CPU are validated by ECS and able to work properly. For more detail CPU support list, please refer to following with your PCB version.  

- CPU support table for PCB 1.0

- CPU support table for 1.0A

- CPU support table for PCB 7.0

- CPU support table for  PCB 8.0/8.1

Why I unable to boot to Windows operating system after switching SATA mode from IDE mode to RAID mode in the BIOS setup menu?

The default setting of the onboard SATA mode in the BIOS setup is IDE mode. If your operating system is already installed in IDE mode, then switching SATA modes to RAID mode in the BIOS setup is not recommended when a SATA drive is the boot drive. Switching modes may cause an immediate blue screen and unable to boot to system because it’s no RAID driver in the SATA drive.