* means validated by ECS at time of writing. Changes to component or CPU may produce a different outcome. The result shown is for reference only and is subject to change w/o notification.
SocketFamilyProcessorWattageFrequencyCacheSteppingSince BIOS
LGA1151Intel Core™ i7i7 6700T35W2.80GHz8MBR02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel Core™ i56400T35W2.20GHz6MBR02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5i5 6500T35W2.50GHz6MBR02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5i5 6600T35W2.70GHz6MBR02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3i3 6100T35W3.20GHz3MBS02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel PentiumG4400T35W2.90GHz3MBS02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel PentiumG4500T35W3.00GHz3MBS02015/7/3
LGA1151Intel CeleronG3900T35W2.60GHz2MBS02015/7/3