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  • Windows 10 Workable support
  • Anwendungsbezogenes 100%iges Festkondensatordesign zur Maximierung der Komponentenzuverlässigkeit (Option)
  • Unterstützt die ECS Durathon Technologie, um die Stabilität, Verlässlichkeit und Leistung des Systemes zu sichern
    (Triple Dichte PCB; Extremer Temperaturwiderstand; 1.5K Marathon Test; Überlegen Solide CAPs)
  • ESD-Schutz bewahrt Computer vor Schäden aufgrund elektrostatischer Entladung und verbessert somit seine Belastbarkeit und Lebensdauer
  • Unterstützt GUI UEFI für Tweaking BIOS auf einer Grafikoberfläche innerhalb einer mehrsprachigen Umgebung
  • Intel® 14nm 7th generation Multi-Core CPU support
  • Intel® 14nm 6th generation Multi-Core CPU support
  • Unterstützt DirectX ® 12 für verbesserte grafische Leistung
  • Unterstützt HDMI 1.4a-Technologie (Auflösung bis zu 1920X1200 ) und HDCP-Funktion
  • Intelligentes ECS EZ-Dienstprogramm: eBLU, eDLU, eSF


Industrial level components strengthen the durability of the power circuitry design.
100% All Solid CAPs
I/O Port ESD Protection
Reusable PolySwitch Fuses
Hybrid VRM


ECS motherboards pass the most stringent industrial level testing procedures.
1500X Power Cycle Test
60 ℃ Extreme Temperature Testing


More control through added BIOS and overclocking options, with visually appeal PCB silkscreen printing.
More Overclocking Options
Clear CPB Silk Printing


The latest generation of RAM, offers increased speed and efficiency thanks to increased transfer rates and lower voltage as low as 1.2v. In addition to, DDR4 provides higher volume stickers, it means you can get more memory capacity compare to DDR3.

USB 3.0

Super Speed USB 3.0 is able to transfer data 10 times faster than USB 2.0. An innovative power management system provides better energy saving and carries more power to recharge more devices.


HDMI is a fully digital audio/video interface which offers 1080p High-Definition video and audio output. Supporting HDCP copy protection in digital content and provides users with high quality experience.

SATA 6Gb/s

SATA 6Gb is the latest SATA connection standard, features with 6Gb/s large bandwidth, it’s 2x faster than previous generation. Unleash your HDD/SSD performance.

Windows 10

Getting started in Windows 10 and exploring the latest perating System allowing for smoother and improved productivity you have never seen before.