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  • Windows 10 Workable support
  • 6フェーズパワーデザイン
  • Intel® K-Series Unlock CPU に対応
  • コンポーネントの信頼性を最大化に実現するオールソリッドキャパシタ仕様に適用
  • ECS Durathonテクノロジはシステムの安定性、信頼性、および性能を確実にします。
  • コンピュータを静電気から損傷を防ぐESD保護による耐久性と長寿命
  • ECS MIB X - 特にゲーマーの為のフレンドリーなオーバークロックインターフェース
  • デュアルギガビットLANで可変換のネットワークを造る
  • Intel® 14nm 7th generation Multi-Core CPU support
  • Intel® 14nm 6th generation Multi-Core CPU support
  • グラフィカル性能を高めるDirectX® 12 をサポート
  • Supports Intel® Optane™ technology
  • ECS EZユーティリティ : eBLU、eDLU

Perfect Compatibility

Compact Designed With Maximum Compatibility

CPU heat sink clearance is vital to mini-ITX users.ECS performed various tests and modifications to perfect z270h4-I’s layout to ensure compatibility with both mini-ITX case designs and CPU coolers.

Dual LanFast II

.Intel 1219-V and Realtek 8118AS Ethernet
.Delivers low latency and stable packet throughput

LEET Superior Audio

Enjoy Clear and Detailed Audio

USB 3.1 Gen 1 High Speed

USB 3.1 Gen 1 High Speed – Stabilized Port

Get the best performance for you USB devices

Powerful and Stabilized 5V USB ports offers better audio quality and better overall performance for your USB headsets and devices.

Lightening USB – Gaming

Gaming Port Speed delivers an optimized 8X USB Keyboard & Mouse to 1000Hz through acceleration IC,offering better gaming device.

PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2

UltraLEET M.2

Delivers 5.4X higher bandwidth than SATA,and transfer rate can easily exceed 800MB/s with PCIE SSDs.

UltraLEET M.2

M.2 Slot is capable of speed up to 32GB/s.Flexible slot that’s able to accommodate different sizes of cards including 2242,2260 and 2280.