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P55H-A2 (V1.0)
Supports the Intel® LGA 1156 for Core™ i7 and Core™ i5 Processor
    ECS P55H-A2 features the P55 chipset in the ATX form factor to give you great performance with Intel® LGA1156 for Core™ i7 & Core™ i5& Core™ i3 processors. Supporting Dual channel DDR3 1333 memory and Gigabit LAN, the P55H-A2 comes eqiupped with overclocking capabilities and the IPS (Intelligent Power Saving) LED indicator for energy saving display. With PCI-Ex16 Gen 2.0 interface, it offers the best choice for a mainstream gaming PC built on Intel's Nehalem CPU.

eJIFFY Rapid Access Utility

Rapid accesses to OS within 8 seconds and enjoy web browsing, photo reviewing, on-line chat and etc.

eBLU BIOS Live Update Utility

Save time and hassle of searching for BIOS online and avoid complicated flashing steps.
‧Time-saving‧Smart and easy‧Safe and secure‧Free and upgradable

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Motherboard Intelligent BIOS II (M.I.B II)

Motherboard Intelligent BIOS II (M.I.B II) M.B.I II integrated all the overclocking functions into one page. Providing the most intelligent and convenient way to adjust the clock/ voltage settings of CPU and memory and get the extra performance in advanced.