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Z77H2-AX (V1.0)
  • Qooltech™ IV enhancing effective heat dissipation to achieve 20% more efficiency
  • 3-Way multi-graphics solution
  • Supports Intel® K Series unlock CPU
  • Applied 100% Solid capacitor design to maximize component reliability
  • ECS Durathon Technology ensure the stability, reliability and performance of system.
  • Introduced ECS Hyper Alloy Choke to offer 150% higher stability than other products
  • ESD Protection prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance
        its durability and lifespan
  • ECS EZ charger provides a fast way to charge your smart devices, even if the PC is off
  • 15µ Gold Contact (3 times extra protection) ensures motherboards longest lifespan, better
       reliability and excellent contact
  • Supports ECS Rapid 333 technology (USB3.0; SATA3.0; eSATA3.0)
  • Supports GUI UEFI for tweaking BIOS in Graphical interface within a multi language
  • ECS MIB X - A friendly interface for overclocking, especially for gamer
  • Supports Bluetooth allows electronic devices to communicate wirelessly
  • Supports Wireless LAN allows electronic devices to communicate wirelessly
  • Dual Display design for multiple output support
  • Windows 8 Workable support
  • Intel® 22nm 3rd generation Multi-Core CPU support
  • Intel ® VRD 12 Ready
  • Supports NVIDIA® SLI Technology to Intelligently scale graphics performance by
         combining multiple NVIDIA® graphics
  • Supports DirectX® 11 to enhance graphical performance
  • Supports AMD CrossFire™ to expand your system’s graphics capabilities.
  • Supports Intel® HD Graphics, InTru™ 3D, Quick Sync Video, Clear Video HD Technology,
  • Supports HDMI 1.4a Technology ( resolution up to 1920X1200 ) and HDCP function
  • Special bundled with LucidLogix® Virtu™ MVP for smart graphics switch
  • Supports Sound Blaster Cinema2 technology to deliver cinema-quality picture and sound
        to home environments
  • Supports Intel® Smart Response, Smart Connect and Rapid Start Technology
  • Free Bundle: CyberLink Media Suite
  • ECS Intelligent EZ Utility : eBLU, eDLU, eOC, eSF

Sound Blaster Cinema Technology

Sound Blaster Cinema Technology gives you the true cinema quality sound you would get from a theater experience.
-SBX Surround
-SBX Crystalizer
-SBX Bass
-SBX Dialog Plus
-SBX Smart Volume
Please visit here to learn more about Sound Blaster Cinema Technology.

ECS Super Alloy Choke - 1.5X Long-Lasting Stability

Report shows that under unstable current or full loading environment conditions, general choke is more likely to burn out or even result in system shut down. ECS Super Alloy Choke represents the latest innovative technology in sufficient power usage, high temperature tolerance and full current stability. With outstanding capability, ECS Super Alloy Choke offers the most energy-efficient, lowest EMI interference, highest life-span and 150% higher stability than other products.

Most Energy-Efficient
ECS Super Alloy Choke is capable of working under overclocking conditions, with 30% higher energy saving than the industry standard. ECS guarantees the stability and durability that allows power users to play beyond their limitations

Highest Life-Span
The special element of ECS Supper Alloy Choke is adapted to a wide range of temperature from -40oC to 140oC with 33% higher sustainability than general regulation, strengthening its ultra-stability and life-span.

Lowest EMI
ECE Super Alloy Choke contains new special elements with the features of low thermal consumption and decrease the harmful influence from EMI, which presents a higher efficiency and safer environment to users.(EMI ,Electromagnetic Disturbance)

AMD CrossFire X

The technology not only combines multi-cards and motherboard power that soars into a new dimension of graphics capability, but delivers the highest image quality and screen resolutions, even with the most demanding 3D titles.

15u Gold Contact - 3 Times Extra Protection

It offers 3 times extra anti-oxidation, temperature resistant and scrape protection to ensure motherboards longest lifespan, better reliability and excellent contact.

Intel® Smart Response Technology - Better, faster performance

Intel® Smart Response Technology accelerates the system response experience by putting frequently-used blocks of disk data on a solid-state drive (SSD), providing dramatically faster access to use data than the hard disk alone can provide.

ECS Golden Edition Motherboard - Gold "4"ever

Spare no expense and based on the insistence of extreme performance and quality, ECS gathers dozens of engineer experts to construct the throne of your honor with delicate handicraft and luxury components. Gold Classic, ECS Classic.

Golden Quality
With excellent gold plating on CPU pins, memory sockets and PCI Express slots offering ultra system stability and more plug-in opportunity.
Golden Stability
Golden components provide best anti-oxidation, anti-rust and anti-moisture protection to strengthen prime quality and durability of ECS motherboards
Golden Cooling
ECS Golden edition motherboard presents ultra-speed thermal dissipation which fully unleashes the advantage of golden plating.
Golden Royalty
Limited edition, unlimited royalty. ECS Golden Edition motherboard represents your prime status and extraordinary taste


ECS GUI UEFI BIOS is a convenient tool for tweaking BIOS in Graphical interface. Users can select functions in BIOS with mouse and keyboard. The user-friendly interface with ECS designed wallpaper radically brings users convenience and easy-to-use experience.

3X Current Supply for ECS EZ Charger

EZ Charger technology provides 3 times current than general USB port for USB devices. It’s useful and excellent, especially for the iPhone, iPAD and iPod touch devices that need a large amount of current for faster recharging within less time.