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V20-BAT (V1.0)
    V20-BAT All-in-One PC, 19.5-inch edge-to-edge touch panel with Windows 8.1 support, is the brilliant solution for business and entertainment. With exclusive fan-less thermal design, V20-BAT AIO provides extraordinary reliability and acoustic performance along with the sleek back cover stylish design. Besides, it is only 3100g. It’s just brilliant, isn’t it?
    *V20-BAT E-DM

Sleek Back Cover

With the low power consumption and the fan-less solution design, the beauty of V20 AIO is the stylish sleek back cover without any ventilator on the surface. Besides, V20 AIO supports VESA Mount in order to adapt to digital signage applications, making it suitable for any situation.

Exclusive Energy Saving Fan-Less Solution

Featuring the latest Intel® SoC (System-on-a-chip) processor “Bay-Trail”, V20 AIO delivers unmatched power efficiency and power-saving sustainability. With low power consumption, V20 AIO reduces the extra heat as well as noise and brings you an immersive audio experience by the exclusive fan-less thermal design.

Multifunctional Application

12°-30° Adjustable Angle
   Meet all kinds of working environment needs
0° Horizontal Position
   Easy to Touch & Convenient to Share

Perfect for Communication

720p HD Webcam & Dual Microphones
V20 AIO equips with 720p HD webcam for high resolution video conference and online communicating as well as online education applications. The dual digital microphones design not only provides better audio reception but also effectively eliminates the noise interference.

Capacitive 10-Finger touch

Capacitive 10-Finger touch screen technology provides great accuracy to optimize your Windows 8.1 experience. Pinch-to-zoom, rotate images and scroll through webpages, it becomes very intuitive and simple.