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G11 (V1.0)
    Touch your Life
    ECS G11配備有Intel最新款根據H61 express晶片組的Sandy Bridge平台,能對多工作業實現快速且穩定的處理。G11配備21.5吋大型觸控面板、支援高畫質1080p、並與HDMI相容,能使您的Windows 7達到最大的性能表現,提供娛樂與遊戲的最佳支援,透過觸控的力量使生活更有樂趣。G11是個人、家庭、政府與學校的最佳個人電腦解決方案。
    *G11 E-DM

The Best AIO PC Solution

Inspire Your Life
ECS AIO PC help you maxmize your windows 7 and provides you a complete new experience through the power of touch

Enjoy Your Life
G11 comes with 21.5" wide screen with 16:9 Full HD that gives you the best visual experience

Slim Your Life
Coordinating with Thin Mini-ITX MB, featuring desktop class features and interconnect, makes your space even larer. Say goobye to your clutter desk.

3 IDs are available (Change Speaker Bezel to change ID)
Fit All Your Demands

Flexibility Free

Using Thin mini ITX standard mainboard creates flexibility to choose various solution for every usage, a high BTO capability.