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Quiet, Energy-efficient, Multi-functional
    • Palm-size PC
    • Quiet Operation with Fanless Design
    • Energy Efficient for power saving
    • For All Your Devices with Type-C Connect
    • Easily connect to a wide variety of devices
    • GPIO :For Maker , For you 
    • One size fits all 
    • Easy to upgrade your RAM and Hard Drive 
    • The Best 4K Visuals





Energy Efficient for Power Saving

We keeps the environment in mind, and delivers incredible energy efficiency thanks to an ultra-low power design that draws as little as 6W at idle– as much as an light bulb.

Type-C 連結您的各種周邊設備

相較於過去傳統電腦,傳輸速度比舊的USB 2.0連接快5倍!採用正反皆可用的USB Type-C™設計,讓連接設備更簡單快捷。

Full compatibility for convenient connectivity

With complete I/O design ,especially features five easily accessible USB ports, including one reversible USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C port. It also has variety video output HDMI and VGA option. In addition, it has the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, and a Kensington lock.

GPIO : 適合給創客的你

對於專業開發人員,特別保留GPIO控制接口,也是目前主流的開發介面,支援如:PLC +人機界面,遠程控制,虛擬化I / O應用,以及支持ADC(模數轉換器)。


不僅提供eMMC 5.1和高容量硬碟空間支援。靈活度更佳,同時透由Windows 10內置OneDrive雲端空間,可以輕鬆連接本機資料和雲端備份,從而實現兩全其美。

The Best 4K Visuals

Featuring Intel HD 600 series integrated graphic, it supports revised video engine now decodes HEVC 10-bit , playing 4K video smoothly and give you ultra-realistic visuals with HDMI video output.


如果您想升級這台迷你PC,只需卸下底蓋上的4個螺絲即可實現,並可以輕鬆升級更換M.2 WiFi,記憶體插槽和2.5吋硬碟。就是這麼簡單!