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A880LM-M (V1.0)
    AMD760G Support CPU Unlock for Socket AM3 Processor
    The A880LM-M V1.0 brings out the best of AMD760G and SB710 chipset to pair with the AMD's Phenom II processors with 125W TDP design. Supporting DDR3 1600 (OC) memory makes A880LM-M V1.0 simply irresistible. Moreover, CPU Unlock function gives you the extra edge and without additional cost to improve the performance. A880LM-M V1.0 is the ideal choice for AMD platform.



Support for ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology

Up to 1.75X additional performance enhanced by enabling the power of both IGP and the add-on graphics card simultaneously.).

內建eJIFFY 8秒快速開機軟體


精英第三代智能BIOS介面 (M.I.B III)

提供最智慧與便利的介面設計,方便玩家調整CPU倍頻外頻以及電壓設定,以取得額外的效能。M.I.B. III與前一代一樣都具備相當便利的超頻介面,但有更加彈性的頻率調適範圍,可提升系統效能,帶來卓越的整體效能。