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H61H2-M19 (V1.0)
  • CPU 供電部份全部採用固態電容,可有效率地提升系統使用壽命
  • ESD全方位防靜電i設計能能防止主機板受到靜電損害,以提升電腦的耐用性和使用壽命
  • 內建LAN Surge防雷擊突波設計,提供更好的品質防護
  • ECS MIB III – 超頻玩家的人性化介面設計
  • Microsoft Windows 8 認證
  • 支援Intel® 22nm 第三代多核心處理器
  • 支援VRD 12電壓調節規範
  • 支援 DirectX® 11 來提升圖形顯示效能
  • 支援 Intel® HD Graphics、InTru™ 3D、Quick Sync Video、Clear Video HD 技術、與Insider™

More COM ports design for increased application flexibility

COM Port is an important interface for applying most of industrial equipments. With more COM ports designed can fulfill wide range of requirements, including UPS, POS, Printer, Modem, Mouse, Rocket and even Electric Power Remote Control.



Supports teaming function with failover and load balancing

The dual Gigabit LAN with Teaming allows 2 single connections to act as 1 single connection for double bandwidth. In addition, it prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port and balances the network traffic load evenly between 2 CPU cores in order to improve performance.

Failover : Provides continuous services when one network port fails.

Load Balancing : Aggregate bandwidth to boost the file tranfer speed. Data traffic is evenly distributed to balance networking loading.


可透過內建顯示晶片,不需額外占用處理器效能即能流暢地播放H.264, VC-1, and MPEG-2 等格式影片。


最新一代PCI-E介面的資料傳輸速度可達32GB/s,比前一代提高一倍。PCI-E 3.0提供了處理圖形顯示所需要的高速頻寬,滿足使用者更快更流暢的遊戲體驗需求。