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Proving again ECS's top qualify and innovative design by the Computex "Best Choice Award"

Base on ECS A890GXM-AU Black series motherboard outstanding features, it stands out among the number of contesting products and wins the 9th Computex annual Best Choice (BC) Award.
Proving once again that ECS's products are not only cost-saving but good qualify.

A890GXM-AU stands out by the following reasons:
Powerful overclocking capability
Supports 3-way CrossfireX with excellent great 3D effects
Great convenience for entertainment and gaming
4 Most Display integrated HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D and D-Sub for all kind monitors
Unique bundling software (eOC, eJIFFy, eBLu, eDLu)
15u Cold Contact technology offers 3 times extra protection on pin contact
            (patent: ready in Taiwan, under process under EU/USA)
Several SKUs of AMD 890GX to meet multiple users' needs in different market

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