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MD200  V1.0  None  2010/06/23 

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Please tell me how to get sound out from HDMI port of MD200 when connecting it with HDTV?

Please follow the steps below to configure the onboard audio of MD200. Then you can get sound out from the HDMI port when connecting MD200 with HDTV.
1.         Install OS & required drivers correctly on MD200.
2.         Access "Control Panel" --> "Sounds and Audio Devices" --> "Audio" to set “Default Device” of "Sound Playback" to "HDMI Device".
3.         Execute "Media Player" to play back music. You can hear the sound output from HDTV through HDMI port.
Note: if you have run "Media Player" to play back music before you configure the “Default Device” of  "Sounds and Audio Devices", you must exit from "Media Player" & rerun it to pick up the settings you just modified for HDMI port.