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General FAQ

I update the BIOS. But after I restart the system, it appear below message. How Do I recover the BIOS?

It's wrong BIOS you updated or update the BIOS unsuccessful..

You can try the method as below steps,
1. Download and copy AWD860B.EXE and BIOS Bin file to one bootable FDD.
2. Create one Autoexec.bat as below command in the content.
AWD860B xxxxxxx.BIN/CC/PY/SN/R

xxxxxxx.BIN is your M/B original BIOS BIN file (right one).

3. Put this FDD in your defective system and boot from this FDD. The FDD will recover the BIOS and restart the system automatically.
4. After recovering the BIOS and restart the system, please enter BIOS to load default setting and save it. That's finished.
5. If it's still could not recover the BIOS, please contact the local dealer, distributor or repair center to program the flash ROM by flash ROM writer.