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Product Name Model Version FAQ Type Last Update
A900  V2.1  General FAQ

Question Title
We have encountered a problem running RedHat Linux 7.1, RedHat Linux 7.2, and Mandrake 8.0.
1. While configuring, the XF86VGA screen goes off completely and there's no display, and
2. Which type of TFT should be configured when it asks for a monitor setting?
3. Are there any modem drivers for it under the Linux Operating System?

Please use the Frame Buffer Mode and please refer to the setting procedure below:
1. After you have installed the Linux OS, press "Ctrl+X" under the Linux logo image, then key in "linux 3" to enter text mode.
2. Please edit /etc/lilo.conf: please key "vi /etc/lilo.conf" then add vga=791, and please refer to the text below:
boot=/dev/hdamap=/boot/mapinstall=/boot/boot.bvga=791prompttimeout=50message=/boot/messagelineardefault=linuximage=/boot/vmlinuz-2.4.2-2 label=linux read-only root=/dev/hda5
When you have edited the file, please press "ESC" and key in ":wq" to save this file.
3. Edit/etc/X11/XF86Config-
4: Key in "cd /etc/X11" then type "vi XF86Config-4" to edit the file; please refer below:
Section "Device" # no known options Identifier "SiS 630" Driver "sis" VendorName "SiS 630" BoardName "SiS 630" #BusIDEndSectionSection "Device" # no known options Identifier "Linux Frame Buffer" Driver "fbdev" VendorName "SiS 630" BoardName "SiS 630" #BusIDEndSectionSection "