MOTHERBOARD Quality, Stability and Convenience

Triangle Story

A natures strongest and most versatile geometric shapes.
Each side representing one of its key points.

Quality, Stability and Convenience.

  • Quality

    Industrial level components strengthen the durability of the power circuitry design.

  • Stability

    ECS motherboards pass the most stringent industrial level testing procedures.

  • Convenience

    More control through added BIOS and overclocking options, with visually appeal PCB silkscreen printing.


  • 100% All Solid CAPs

    Use Industrial grade Solid Capacitors
    Withstanding 350°C temperatures
    Over 7 times longer than chemical capacitors

  • I/O Port ESD Protection

    Pass industrial level ( 8K / 15K ) ESD testing
    Industrial level components and protection
    ESD Protection provides the best stability

  • Reusable PolySwitch Fuses

    Industrial level Reusable PolySwitch Fuses
    Upgrade from no-reusable switches

  • Hybrid VRM

    Highly effective at controlling power
    Voltages reducing lag between power states
    Provides the best option for power and stability demands


  • 1500X Power Cycle Test

    Triple the amount of testing to beats the competitors
    You can rely on the longevity Motherboard by starting your PC
    For 4 years straight without a worry every day

  • 60℃ Extreme Testing

    Stable operation in harsh environments
    With very little airflow or cooling ability
    Industry leading amount of 150 hours


  • More Overclocking Options

    Support latest DDR4 memory
    Adjustable over 20 Memory parameters
    Assist users to achieve the extreme performance
    *Depends on the platform limitation

  • Clear PCB Silk Printing

    Clearer layout and highlight key-information
    Put the PC on display a great option