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With a heritage of over 26 years in manufacturing motherboards, ECS strives to develop products tailored to each individual in all fields of life. We want to be the foundation that creates a platform to help users create, work and reach goals. People should not be limited by the machines they use but have these products amplify ones true potential. The human mind is capable of so much ingenuity and creativity. Let us help you set that free. We believe.

ECS Motherboards offer a wide variety of high quality, performance technologies to ensure you have the best computing experience.

ECS hyper alloy choke   ECS EZ Charger   ECS Intel Tool
OC DDR3 3000   ECS M.I.B 3   ECS Intel HD
PCI Express 3   ECS M.I.B 3   Intel Rapid Storage
SATA 6.0Gb/s   4K x 2K Display   Intel Responsive Tech
Creative Sound Blaster 3D   ECS 15u Technology   Intel Turbo Boost
4 Way Video Display   CPU/GPU/RAM Overclocking   Intel vPro Technology
Gigabit LAN   Support DirectX 11   Low RDS(on) Mosfet
SATA 3.0Gb/s   Virtu Technology   ECS ESD protection
Anti Dust Shield   ECS EZ BIOS   ECS ESD protection
Available features vary between each product. See specific product details for specific feature availability.