Jun, 2014

Do It Yourself LIVA Karaoke Machine, You Can Sing Karaoke in Your House!


The cause: One time, the karaoke machine in my grandmother's house broke. According to my uncle's experience of calling for repairs, he said it'd be slightly annoying and expensive. After looking at it, we found that the hardware dimensions were basically the same as putting together a computer, so we kept looking for an alternative method! At this time, we saw that Cool PC was holding an essay writing event. Hence we're here to share our thoughts!



1. To Save Money: Cost was a consideration, but you can also think of it as a paid service. Since what we're about to share starts with the do-it-yourself spirit as the starting point. Of course, you'll have to download your own music too!


2. Energy Efficient: The old computer system always needed ATX and MIDTOWER sized. Finding a place to put it was a problem. Not to mention, the old system's energy usage wasn't exactly low, at a minimum it used 300W. For the entire karaoke system, there's still the amplifiers, speakers, wireless microphones, etc. If you don't consider these two key points, then there's no meaning in doing the upgrading!


3. Level of Accessories: It's the same concept as saving money and energy, but I'm just mentioning it in detail to let everyone know the levels. CPU Pentium III or above, RAM 256M or above, HDD 32G or above (must include operating system, Media Player, or other video player software), VGA FX6200 or above (this is already an AGP interface that'll soon disappear), built-in microphone is acceptable, and the operating system needs to be Windows XP or above (do not recommend VISTA).


The above specifications do not include space for saving songs. Of course whether there's a need to expand or not depends on each individual. The recommended method is to use an external hard drive or increase the space on your hard drive. Hence, it won't be a problem when there's a need for additional space. In terms of basic needs, LIVA already has it all and the results of eMMC reflect high speeds.



In the beginning, when we were looking for a solution online, we looked at the price of a new karaoke machine. It was around 20 – 30 thousand…my goodness! It's beyond my monthly income. We therefore changed our direction and tried to find a solution in used, older style machines. Their price ranged from 9,000-10,000….and the space is limited, needing a MD or SD card to expand its space. This in itself is rather inconvenient and the stability isn't as good as hard drives. Therefore, we finally decided to go ahead with the do-it-yourself method! Since LIVA's USB expansion is limited, we prepared a wireless mouse set and a USB drive with demo songs. These together make up a karaoke machine! If you want a style that further resembles a karaoke room, you can go buy an infrared remote set on sale.



In terms of software, you can use a famous free karaoke software that's online, called JETKTV (freeware)

Explanation of Features:


1. 3 small setup files: the main program, the main program updates, and song management application
 only need 14.8MB.
2. The results are the same as those found in a karaoke room. The song selection interface not only
 uses mouse and keyboard, you can also purchase a remote.
3. You can record and replay. For those who like to go to music centers, you can consider using this
4. You can add the songs you already have to JetKTV. The songs won't easily die out and adding songs
 is convenient.
5. It's free and you can do 1 machine to 2 screens. You can use the video card to transfer to the TV.
 It'll support dual screen song selection.
6. If you have a laptop or a PIII computer that's not currently in use, you can use it as a song selection
7. You can load the songs that you'd like to sing, unlike those song selection machines, where you have
 to load songs every now and then and most of them aren't the originals.



Just setting up Windows 8.1 OS, Media Player (including updates), and then setting up JetKTV, you still have 15.35 GB left. This is more than enough!



Just setting up Windows 8.1 OS, Media Player (including updates), and then setting up JetKTV, you still have 15.35 GB left. This is more than enough!



Just finished setting up JETKTV last night. Now it's time to get some songs and set it up. You can also go to G-Years Forum and download to try it out! Setting up Karaoke (KTV) ( JETKTV Full Instructions and Download)


First, sharing my own thoughts:
1. When singing karaoke at home, you can sing whatever you want. You can even use it as a random
 MV selector because the MV videos are selected by you.
2. When drinking don't drive and when driving, don't drink. After getting drunk, you can just go to sleep!
3. If the hard drive breaks down, you can fix it yourself.


You have to download your own songs…this is probably the biggest con! If you don't want to pay then you'll need to do more work!


1. Don't use the speakers at home that cost $100-200, in case they break down after the first song.
2. Use better amplifiers, speakers, and microphones. That way your family, friends and you will be able
 to enjoy the music more.