Apr, 2015

LIVA X brings great interaction with your tablet – Chrome Remote Desktop V.S. TeamViewer


Remote Desktop applications have already been well known to be the way to allow you to access to your home-used computer at any time you want. However, maybe because these applications give people an impression of being a bit difficult to be used with, not so many people bother to actually try them. Here I would like to turn the impression using the LIVA X mini-computer I recently received, and show you how easy is the idea to set a remote desktop application. With minimum steps, you will be able to setup a remote access between your tablet and the LIVA X, allowing you, for example, to play the video files stored in the LIVA X even you are on the road. Among so many remote desktop applications, my personal favorites are Google Chrome Remote Desktop and well-received Team Viewer.

Here I will use my iPad Air to demonstrate the steps. For Android users, the required app is available from Google Play Store.


Photo of the LIVA X


Photo of the iPAD Air

How to setup Chrome Remote Desktop

First, we need to install a copy of the Chrome Remote Desktop into the LIVA X computer.

Step 1. As the application’s name suggests, it is a free download and available from Chrome Web Store. Just go to the Google store, search for “Chrome Remote Desktop”, and click “+FREE” to start the download.


Step 2. Click “Add” to confirm that you want to add this app to your system.


Step 3. Once the app is downloaded and added properly, it will be listed in your chrome apps page.


Step 4. An authorization dialog will be shown when you activate the app for the first time. You need to give your authorization to go to the next step.


Step 5. If you have not logged in to your Google account, the system will prompt you to do so.


Step 6. Click “Accept” here to allow the remote desktop app to identify your computer.


Step 7. Click “Get started” from the column “My computers” to start setting the app and how it accesses your computer.


Step 8. Click “Enable remote connections”. A warning dialog will prompt you the confirmation for download. Click “Yes” to start the download and installation.


Step 9. Set a six-digit PIN code. Later you will be asked to enter this same PIN code from your tablet.


Step 10. Retype the PIN code again to confirm it. You have finished the setup on the LIVA X.


You can check the following video for how to do the above steps.

Next I will use my iPad Air to show you how to set the mobile version of Chrome Remote Desktop on your tablet.

Step 1. To get the mobile version of Google Chrome Remote Desktop, you can use the key words –“Chrome Remote Desktop”- to search for the app, and download it form the search result.


Step 2. After finishing the download, start the app. You may not believe it when you see it, but the only thing in the start screen is the sign-in button only. Click the button to sing in with your Google Account password.


Step 3. Type in the PIN code (the one you set for your computer previously) and tap “Connect”.


Step 4. A connection to the remote LIVA X will be established. And, let’s play a video clip stored in the LIVA X.


You can check the following video for how to do the above steps.

It is quite straight forward to establish the connection between the iPad Air and LIVAX when using Chrome remote desktop. However, as you can see from the above two screenshots, the video screen is out of the display range on the left and right sides, and there are two black bars above and below the screen. This is because that Chrome remote desktop has not yet supported full-screen feature for mobile devices. The video playback can be quite smooth if not for the slow internet connection. The one thing that disappoints me is no audio output for video playback.


Next, we are going to talk about my favorite TeamViewer.

First, install TeamViewer into the LIVA X computer

On the LIVA X (your computer side), search the app with the keyword “TeamViewer” using your browser, download it and finish the installation.

Step1. Once the installation is done, a set of ID and password will be generated for the LIVA X (or your computer). When you attempt to remotely login to this computer from any remote device, all you need is to enter the ID and password, and things will be done.


Next we are going to install the mobile version of TeamViewer to your mobile device (my iPad Air)

Also from AppStore, select “TeamViewer: Remote Control” to download it and finish the installation.

Step1. Once the installation is completed, TeamViewer’s icon will be added to the desktop.


Step2. Tap the icon to start the app. You will see the screen as shown below. Enter the ID and password generated for the remote computer.


Step 3. Before the connection starts, the app will forget to remind you that you can use the tablet gestures to control the remote computer (so nice!!).


Step 4. After login, you will see the desktop of the LIVA X computer if the connection is established successfully. In here, we are going to play a video clip stored in the LIVA X computer as well.

You can check the following video for how to do the above steps.

As you can see from the two images above, the whole part of the video screen is displayed without being cut on the left and right sides, and there is no black bar on either above or below of the screen. This is what’s great about TeamViewer. It can automatically adjust and choose the best video resolution for mobile devices, just like for my iPad Air.

Here is a simple list that compares the two remote desktop apps.


After using the two apps and make the list to show the differences between them, we can find:

TeamViewer is capable of adjusting and choose the right video resolution when you try to play video on an iPad Air. On the other hand, Chrome Remote Desktop just plays the video without altering the original resolution of the video, causing the video’s left and right being cut off and the black bars on its above and below. Only TeamViewer can playback the video along with its audio. Also, TeamViewer provides more features than Chrome Remote Desktop does. Both apps show no sign of choppy video playback if the Internet connection is fairly stable. Incidentally, while you can get a copy of Chrome Remote Desktop for free, you need to pay for the full version of TeamViewer.

As for the support for multi-platform, Chrome Remote Desktop, once only available for Android, now has just added iOS to its supported list recently. As a Mac fan, I feel so glad to see the iOS version coming, and now I finally can tinkle with Windows system using my iOS device. But I have to say that TeamViewer already has such support included for a very long time, and that no wander TeamViewer has so many loyal fans.

When talking about security, Chrome Remote Desktop has better measure because it is tied up with your mobile device’s default Google account and PIN code to make sure only you can use the app to remotely control the remote computer (the LIVA X). As for TeamViewer, anyone that has correct ID and password can connect your computer, and you need to be very cautious when you provide the ID and password to any of your friends.

Both apps are designed and customized for mobile devices, and bring the benefit and enjoyment of remote control to IT users. If I have to choose any of them, I’ll go for TeamViewer. I am not saying one is better than the other, and it’s all up to you decide which one you prefer.

By utilizing the remote control technology, my iPad Air can quickly become a “wireless monitor” of the LIVAX computer. Considering the LIVA X comes with all the required features, all you need is to activate the multiplayer feature provided by your remote desktop app, and then you can share video or even briefing with your friends or coworkers at different locations at the same time. Just go and try it yourself. When I was playing with the two remote desktop apps, I found that the LIVA X was so easy to use and simplified the process of remote access and playback. I am so impressed with the LIVA X that I will not go anywhere without it!!

The compact LIVA X is Just 135mm wide, supports WiFi and Bluetooth features, and provides one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports. If interested, you can check out the details by clicking here

Finally, put on my charming picture!!