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Intelligent Edge for Household Solar System
Since the global warming and the rapid decreasing of raw materials become a global problem, the importance of sustainable energy raised up. However, the green power management is always a essential successful factor which directly affect the efficiency. Our client foresee this problem and want to use edge computing to help them manage the distributed sites. So our solution is for monitoring energy generation and photovoltaic panels‘ status of solar plants ,as well as rapid shading, surface covered and uncertain situation detection. The intelligent edge System will detect and point out the possible abnormal power source at once, and also help administrator to optimize the power plant and decrease the maintenance and labor cost.
Key Features
System Architecture
Azure IoT Central
Azure IoT Central is a fully managed global IoT SaaS solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT assets at scale. We use digital twins and IoT central to quick scale and deploy at first, and managers can flexibly modified the configuration for each sites based on different situation and environment elements. Also IoT Edge can do the initial processing and local control for some closed field or emergency.
Solar Gateway
GWS-APL is an Azure IoT Edge ready device. It collects multiple endpoints data by using Modbus protocol module and uses another message agent module to send messages to IoT Hub. Stream Analytics will store messages into Blob storage. It also provides IoT Hub Device Stream for user uses SSH to control the edge system. GWS-APL simplifies IoT by allowing solution developers to integrate devices without writing any device code. By Using our solar gateway, device manufacturers will provide a model of their device to cloud developers to be integrated quickly into IoT Central or any solution built on the Azure IoT platform.
HMI for Solar Gateway
By our cloud HMI Web App, user can get the energy system status in rich visual page. It is easy for our customer to add more AI, Cognitive Services, Function modules to this edge device. The customer could see the electricity flow from the interface from HMI, allowing them to view the data such as power information, pyrheliometer data and status and also can control device by start and stop button when abnormalities occur.