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ECS and IoTecha will launch LIVA™ AC Charger at CES 2019 - providing a full suite of smart charging features to EV owners and operators

Powered by IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ platform, which leverages the versatility of Combined Charging System (CCS) and ISO/IEC 15118, LIVA™ offers charger owners and operators the potential for energy savings and new income opportunities

[Taiwan-Taipei / Piscataway, NJ, USA]Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) and IoTecha Corp. are proud to announce the state of the art LIVA™ Smart AC Charger powered by IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ platform. The innovative LIVA™ charger implements CCS with ISO/IEC 15118 communication between the vehicle and the charger based on IoTecha’s field-proven CCS on Module product, which has been tested for interoperability with many leading auto manufacturers. IoTecha’s IoT.ON™ platform brings the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to EV charging.

“ECS is pleased to announce the partnership with IoTecha, a leading expert in smart charging.” said Vincent Chen, COO of ECS. “With IoTecha’s seasoned experience and their IoT.ON™ platform and technologies, ECS’s innovative LIVA™ charger will set the threshold for competitors in the EV charger market.”

“As the EV market accelerates, automobile OEM’s, utilities and charger manufacturers realize that communication between the EV and other devices and domains is absolutely essential,” explained Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “Electric Vehicles of all kinds must interact seamlessly with chargers, buildings, renewables and the grid, to enable mass adoption of EV’s and maximize the benefits of this adoption for mitigating climate change and pollution. LIVA™ chargers with CCS and ISO/IEC 15118 are at the forefront of enabling this interaction and Vehicle-Grid Integration.”

LIVA™ chargers allow consumers and businesses to take full advantage of the Smart Charging benefits enabled by CCS with ISO/IEC 15118. These features include Plug-n-Charge, Automatic and Secure payment via Plug-n-Charge and other methods, Optimized Load Management for parking lot and fleet charging, and energy mix optimization to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and storage.

The LIVA™ charger offers simplicity and scalability with 40 and 80Amp options and can be deployed as a standalone unit or in a cluster of many chargers sharing the same power source with intelligent load management. The advanced feature set of IoTecha’s IoT.ON™, combined with the global manufacturing and customer service strength of ECS, make the LIVA™ AC Charger an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Full IoT.ON™ capabilities include:

• Remote firmware updates
• Continuous monitoring
• Advanced analytics
• Fleet charging
• Multi-dwelling charging
• Power flow management
• Vehicle Grid Integration functions
• V2G, which enables power transfer from the EV back to the premises and grid

The IoT.ON™ platform also enables grid integration services that can potentially generate additional income for LIVA™ charger owners and operators. For commercial applications, OCPP is supported to allow the LIVA™ charger to easily integrate with existing infrastructure.

With booming demand for Smart AC Chargers in North America, LIVA™ chargers will be initially introduced in California by ECS and its partner, and further extended to worldwide customers in the 2nd half of 2019. The LIVA™ chargers are available for preorders for the introductory price of $499. IoT.ON™ standard platform services are bundled for free for the first 12 months with each LIVA™ Charger. For more details regarding this introductory offer, please visit or contact

About Elitegroup Computer Systems

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), established in 1987, is a global leader in motherboard, mini-PC, notebooks, mobile devices, voice-activated devices, IoT, IoV, and smart solutions. ECS provides customized computer programming and hardware / software design services for our customers and is strongly committed to developing cutting-edge technology to create innovative products with environmentally-friendly designs. ECS's comprehensive quality control system ensures all of ECS products can be counted on for stability and reliability. Visit to learn more.

About IoTecha

IoTecha is accelerating the Electric Vehicle revolution by providing an integrated Platform called IoT.ON™ – consisting of software, hardware and Cloud components - for the Smart Charging infrastructure and enabling the integration of tens of millions of Electric Vehicles with the Power Grid. Our customers are prominent global manufacturers of both Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations. Our products include V2G and HomePlug Protocol Analyzer, Combined Charging System on Module (and custom modules), and our Cloud-based services.

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