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What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on K7SEM v1.x?

K7SEM v1.x maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
CPU: AMD Duron 200Mhz FSB CPU - 950
           AMD Morgan 200Mhz FSB CPU - 1.3G 
           AMD Athlon 200Mhz FSB CPU - 1.4G AMD Athlon 266Mhz FSB CPU - 1.4G
           AMD Palomino 266Mhz FSB CPU - 1.2G
           AMD Athlon XP (0.18u) 266Mhz FSB CPU - 2100+ AMD Athlon XP (0.13u) 266Mhz FSB CPU - 2200+

As you know, AMD just has the new Thoroughbred (0.13u) 1.7G and 1.8G CPU on the market. Could you confirm with me if K7SEM PCB 1.0 B1 stepping supports 1.7G and 1.8G Thoroughbred CPU (model "8") CPU or not. If it does support, is there any BIOS can to solve?

Please update to BIOS V1.2b or above.

K7SEM can't support I/O APIC function.

The SiS730S chipset on the K7SEM is too old to support the I/O APIC function.

ACPI problem with K7SEM PCB1.X BIOS V1.1e under Windows XP event viewer

Please download most update BIOS from ECS Web , this error fixed on latest released BIOS .