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What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on K7VMA v1.x?

K7VMA v1.x maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
CPU: AMD Duron 200Mhz FSB CPU - 900
          AMD Morgan 200Mhz FSB CPU - 1.1G
          AMD Athlon 200Mhz FSB CPU - 1.3G AMD Athlon 266Mhz FSB CPU - 1.4G

Glad to know VIA latest driver resolves your internal graphic problem finally !! Please find the attached VIA driver, which Sello already got also !Take this chance, I d like to explain more to Tony that sometimes some issues only happened to some customers in special environment or configuration ! If we as a M/B manufacture can t resolve, we ll normally then report to our suppliers, be it chipset, clock generator, I/O chip,.... ! And, that s the most uncertain thing that we can control because we don t know when they will provide their solutions to us, but bear in mind we ll still try our best to push !! On the contrary, if it s just kind of internal issue on our M/B design, we can respond with quicker answer or solution !! So, please must understand the difference in between !!

The new VIA VGA driver V.10.01.39 Fixed it

Do you have any BIOS updates for K7VMA to fix ACPI error yellow mark in Windows XP?

Please upgrade the BIOS to the latest version to fix this issue.