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What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on P4VMM v3.0?

P4VMM v3.0 maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
HDD: 250G
CPU: Pentium 4 400Mhz FSB (256K/512K L2 cache) CPU – 2.4G.
          Celeron 400Mhz FSB (128K L2 cache) CPU – 1.8G

System hangs while testing 2D Graphic burn in test.(Test 2D only)

Download the V6.13.10.1041 Windows XP VGA driver from the VIA website, and the problem should be solved.

Customers with the S3 Savage onboard video report that when trying to download the pictures from the ezonics EZ mega cam, it does one of 2 things, either it reboots the computer or it freezes the application that it is trying to download it.

Ezonics has provided a new driver to patch it.