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What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on P4VMM2 v3.x?

P4VMM2 v3.x maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
HDD: 250G
CPU: Pentium 4 400Mhz FSB (256K/512K L2 cache) CPU – 2.6G.
          Celeron 400Mhz FSB (128K L2 cache) CPU – 2.6G

P4 Celeron 2.0GHZ(1.525V) has stability issue running with P4VMM2 V3.1. The system may some time bootup on some motherboards and on another will not boot.

Please update P4VMM2 BIOS(030124S.ROM) or latest version to fixed Intel P4 Celeron 2.0GHz 1.525V) no display issue.

P4VMM2 will show a blank screen with a blinking cursor at the 2nd boot screen when used with the MSI MS8808 32MB AGP card.

BIOS after V02/10/09 fixed this problem.