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What is the maximum CPU and HDD capacity supported on P6BAP-A+ v1.0?

P6BAP-A+ v1.0 maximum CPU and HDD supported information as below,
CPU: Pentium III(FCPGA). 100Mhz FSB CPU - 850Mhz Pentium III(FCPGA). 133Mhz FSB CPU - 1.0Ghz
          Celeron (PPGA). 66Mhz FSB CPU - 533Mhz Celeron (FCPGA). 66Mhz FSB CPU - 733Mhz
          Celeron (FCPGA). 100Mhz FSB CPU - 900Mhz VIA C3 100Mhz FSB CPU - 700Mhz
          VIA C3 133Mhz FSB CPU - 667Mhz

Does P6BAP-A+ support registered memory type? how can I install registered memory on P6BAP-A+?
1. What's the maximum memory capacity for each dimm on the"P6BAP-A+"?
2. What's the maximum memory capacity for each dimm on the "P6BAP-Me"?

Please upgrade BIOS to V1.3d which added registered memory supporting. Both P6BAP-A+ and P6BAP-Me do support memory singlepce 256MB module for each slot.