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Can this MB support NV GF8400GS? What are the compatible graphics cards for this model?

This model comes with two PCI-Express slots, which are fully compliant to the PCI-Express Base Specification V1.1. The NV GF8400GS is PCI-Express V2.x graphics card, so it doesn’t be supported. The below table is the PCI-Express V1.1 graphics cards that we had tested and qualified, we strongly recommend user to use them.

Can P965T-A v1.0B support Intel Core2 Quad Processor ?

This board can support Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 and Q6700 CPU ,but don't support Intel Core2 Quad Q8xxx /Q9xxx CPU .Please refer to the CPU support list on the following website .And we suggest user to use these CPU in the CPU support list .If your systerm work not very well with Q6600 or Q6700 CPU ,we suggest you to update the latest BIOS ,please download it on the following website .Thanks !
The CPU support list URL :
Please refer to Product page - CPU tag
BIOS download URL :
Please refer to Product page - Download tag

Why does P965T-A have two CD-ROM options (like CDROM & AXX DVD-RW) under “First Boot Device” of “Advanced BIOS Features” in “BIOS setup” if I connect SATA CD-ROM with SATA7 port? Which CD-ROM item should I choose if I would like to boot from AXX DVD-RW?

The first item “CD-ROM” is for SATA1 or SATA3/5/6 port (provided by ICH8, black SATA connector) if you install SATA CD-ROM in one of SATA1/3/5/6 port. While you install SATA CD-ROM in SATA7 (red SATA connector) or PATA CD-ROM in IDEJ1 port (supported by JMicron JMB361), please select “CD-ROM model” from the options of “First Boot Device” of “Advanced BIOS Features”. For exp, If you install one AXX DVD-RW in SATA7 port, please choose AXX DVD-RW from the list of “First Boot Device” to boot from it. If you insert AXX DVD-RW into SATA1 port, please select “CD-ROM” from the options of “First Boot Device” to boot from it.