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It seems that CMOS data is not completely cleared by jumper JP1. What should I do?

To successfully clear CMOS data on PX1, please follow the steps below:
1. Cut off the power supply by one of the following ways.
     A. Unplug power cord from Power supply.
     B. Unplug 20+ 4 cable from the M/B.
     C. Turn off 1/0 switch from power supply
2. Move jumper JP1's cap from pin 2~3 to pin 1~2.
3. Wait for 30 seconds & then return the cap back to pin 2~3.
4. Plug in the power cord/cable or turn on the power switch & boot up the system.
5. You will see "CMOS Checksum error--Defauls loaded". That means the CMOS data is completely cleared. You can access "BIOS Setup" and  "Load Optimized Defaults" to run the system.

Why does PX1 have two CD-ROM options (like CDROM & AXX DVD-RW) under “First Boot Device” of “Advanced BIOS Features” in “BIOS setup” if I connect SATA CD-ROM with SATA7 port? Which CD-ROM item should I choose if I would like to boot from AXX DVD-RW?

The first item “CD-ROM” is for SATA1 or SATA2/3/4/5/6 port (provided by ICH8DH, orange SATA connector) if you install SATA CD-ROM in one of SATA1/2/3/4/5/6 port. While you install SATA CD-ROM in SATA7 (red SATA connector) or PATA CD-ROM in IDEJ1 port (supported by JMicron JMB363), please select “CD-ROM model” from the options of “First Boot Device” of “Advanced BIOS Features”. For exp, If you install one AXX DVD-RW in SATA7 port, please choose AXX DVD-RW from the list of “First Boot Device” to boot from it. If you insert AXX DVD-RW into SATA1 port, please select “CD-ROM” from the options of “First Boot Device” to boot from it.