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Can this model support this CPU, Pentium G620(65W)?

Yes , this board can support Intel Pentium G620(65W) CPU. Please refer to below CPU suport table for reference.

- CPU support table

Can this model support 3TB HDD?

Yes, this model with UEFI BIOS can support 3TB HDD. UEFI BIOS uses a GUID Partition Table (GPT) that can define hard drive larger than 2.2TB. As a bootable disk over 2.2TB partition, operation system like Windows 7 64-bit is required to support. For data only over 2.2TB, OS with GUID Partition Table (GPT) support is required.

3TB HDD as data in GPT at Windows 7 :

System support UEFI BIOS GPT table:

3TB HDD as data in MBR at Windows 7 :

For more information about GPT&MBR partition, please refer to