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ZE Plus

Mini PC

The Powerful mini PC with blazing-fast DDR4 RAM and dual storage design

Chic and Elegant design

LIVA ZE Plus Mini PC defies convention and redefines the look of a desktop PC. Simple and elegant, its finish fits right in your living or workspace.

Impressive Performance

LIVA ZE Plus Mini PC features the latest Intel 14nm Kaby Lake SOC for faster graphics and more powerful and efficient processing tasks to truly enjoy a powerful Mini-PC.

4K-HD Image4K Ultra HD 2160p
FULL-HD ImageFull HD 1080p

Ultra-realistic 4K visuals experience

Featuring Intel HD 600 series integrated graphic, it supports revised video engine now decodes HEVC 10-bit, playing 4K video smoothly and gives you ultra-realistic visuals with breathtaking levels of detail.

Dual Channel, Double Power

Built-in two DDR4 S0-DIMM slots, single-slot maximum support to 16GB capacity, after installation in pairs, the system can be up to 32GB capacity, with Intel dual-channel technology, it can play one plus one greater than the power of two.

    • DDR4 2133

    • DDR3 1600

  • 17Gb/s

  • 12Gb/s

  • Memory Speed

Share anything, Store everything

LIVA ZE Plus Mini PC offers high-speed SSD & high-capacity HDD support. And with Windows 10 built-in OneDrive, it's easy to connect the local storage and cloud backup to have the best of both worlds.

Embedded Serial Ports to Connect Industrial Devices

LIVA ZE Plus Mini PC has full connectivity features, especially Serial Com Ports design. With four Com Ports (RS232) interface design, you can easily connect industrial device, such as POS, barcode scanner... It's easy to meet the needs of industrial customers.

Your Best Conference Tool

With an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor and supports Intel® Unite™ technology in meeting rooms and devices. Smarter meetings and secure, real-time collaboration start here.

GPIO: For maker, for you

For professional developers LIVA ZE Plus reserved GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) control interface, can be an external mainstream solutions such as: PLC + human-machine interface, remote control, virtualized I / O applications, and support for ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter).



3 PIN*2

Wireless transmission, Unrestricted life

Streamline your online streaming videos like Youtube with the next-generation Wi-Fi ac technology , and more timely sync when you need cloud backups.
Wireless Bluetooth, allowing you to connect all kinds of peripherals without the "line".

    • ZE Plus (802.11 ac Wi-Fi)

    • Wi-Fi b/g/n

  • 3X Faster

  • Wi-Fi Speed

Dual LAN Design

LIVA ZE Plus mini PC has dual LAN design, not only allow you to use the network has a double protection, but also while surfing the Internet ensure the network speed traffic does not knot, one for external network, and one is for network sharing.

Infinite Possibilities USB Type-C

LIVA ZE Plus mini pc delivers data transfer speeds up to 5x faster than older USB 2.0 connections!  With reversible USB Type-C™ connector design that makes connecting devices simple and quick.

Work and Play on one device

A mini PC is only with palm-size, in addition to basic document processing ,internet access to send and receive e-mail. What's even better is when you want some entertainment, you do not have to spend money to buy expensive hardware, just connect to the living room of the big screen, you can use your mini PC to experience the most popular Android games.