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G24 (V1.0)
    Extreme Versatility ‧ Ultimate Freedom
    G24, equipped with an edge-to-edge 23.6’’ 10-finger multi-touch display, comes with a larger visual experience and thinner stylish design can perfectly support windows 8. G24 is not only your personal computer but your 2nd TV device at home. Moreover, with HDMI-IN compatibility, it enlarges the usage of a normal computer. The unique plug and play portable HDD module enables you to store and carry your data easily and conveniently. ECS G24 is the latest all-new customizable AIO system that meets the needs of next generation desktop computing.

Various Design

Fit All Your Demands

Experience Wonderful Windows 8.1 Applications
Elegant edge-to-edge design brings you the brilliant Windows 8.1 eperience. With optional multi-touch feature,you are free to enjoy various gesture function like scrolling, tapping, swiping and zooming.

Not Just An Excellent PC But Also An Artistic Decoration
Streamlined shape and stylish design, no messy ventilators and screw holes, make G24 as an artistic decoration in any place. The thoughtful line-gathering hole on stand help you to organize all the annoying cable. Say goodbye to your clttered desk!

Flexibility Free

Using Thin mini ITX standard mainboard creates flexibility to choose various solution for every usage, a high BTO capability.