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  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
    • Xabre 200 AGP 8X 256bit graphic accelerator
    • Built-in programmable 24bit true-color RAMDAC, up to 375MHz pixel clock
  • PCI Interface
    • Supports PCI 2.2 compliant and back compatible to PCI 2.1
  • Video Accelerator
    • MPEG-2 MP@ML standards compliant
    • Built-in motion compensation logic
    • Supports up to 20Mbit/sec bit rate decoding
    • Direct DVD to TV playback
    • Supports single video windows with overlay function
    • Supports YUV-to-RGB color space conversion
    • Supports graphics and video overlay function
    • Supports RGB555, RGB565, YUV422 and YUV420 video capture and playback format
    • Supports down scaling function and scaling vector as 1/2, 1/4
    • Supports de-interlaced and 1/2 down scaling function
    • Supports DVD sub-picture playback overlay
    • Built-in independent Gamma correction RAM
    • Supports Direct Draw Drivers
  • Display Memory
    • Built-in 64MB SDRAM
  • I/O Interface
    • 1 CRT connector
  • 3D Engine Features
    • Supports DirectX 8.1
    • Supports pixel shader version 1.3
    • Supports AGP 8X for texture/vertex fetch
    • Built-in 32bit floating point VLIW Geometry Transform/Lighting (T/L) and triangle setup engine
    • Built-in 4 pixel programmable rendering pipelines and 8 texture units (4P8T)
    • Supports up to 2048 x 2048 texture size
    • Built-in hardware stereo auto rendering engine
    • Supports 2X/4X full scene anti-aliasing
  • 2D Engine Features
    • Built-in Direct Draw Accelerator
    • Built-in an 1T 128bit BITBLT graphics engine
    • Supports memory-mapped, zero wait-state, burst engine write
    • Built-in 64x64x2 bit-mapped hardware cursor
    • Built-in 64x64x16 bit-mapped color hardware cursor