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* とは、書き込みの際のECSによる認証を意味します。コンポーネントやCPUの変更は、異なる結果を産出する可能性があります。結果の表示は参考用であり、予告なしに変更することがあります。
SocketFamilyプロセッサWattageFrequencyCacheSteppingSince BIOS
LGA1151Intel Core™ i7670065W3.40GHz8MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i76700K91W4.00GHz8MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i76700T35W2.80GHz8MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i7770065W3.60GHz8MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i77700K91W4.20GHz8MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i77700T35W2.90GHz8MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5640065W2.70GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i56400T35W2.20GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5650065W3.20GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i56500T35W2.50GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5660065W3.30GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i56600K91W3.50GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i56600T35W2.70GHz6MBR02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5740065W3.00GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i57400T35W2.40GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5750065W3.4GHZ6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i57500T35W2.70GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i5760065W3.50GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i57600K91W3.8GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i57600T35W2.80GHz6MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3610047W3.70GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i36100T35W3.20GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3630047W3.80GHz4MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3632047W3.90GHz4MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3710051W3.9GHz3MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3730051W4.0GHz4MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel Core™ i3732051W4.1GHz4MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG390047W2.80GHz2MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG3900T35W2.60GHz2MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG392047W2.90GHz2MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG393051W2.9GHz2MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG395051W3.0GHz2MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG440047W3.30GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG4400T35W2.90GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG450047W3.50GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG4500T35W3.00GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG452047W3.60GHz3MBS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG456054W3.5GHz3MB02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG460051W3.6GHz3MS02017/02/10
LGA1151Intel PentiumG462051W3.7GHz3MS02017/02/10
  * Due to the chipset limitation, the actual memory speed may be different.
TypeSpeedSizeVenderModuleChip BrandSS/DSRAW CardWorking Speed
DDR4 (SODIMM) 2133MHz 4GB Geil GS44GB2133C13SC Geil SS 4GB Full speed
DDR4 (SODIMM) 2133MHz 4GB Kingston KVR21S15S8/4 Micron SS 4GB Full speed
DDR4 (SODIMM) 2400MHz 4GB Kingston HX424S15IBK4/16 Skhynix DS 4GB Runs at 2133MHz
DDR4 (SODIMM) 2400MHz 8GB Goldkey GKE800SO51208-2400A Goldkey DS 8GB Runs at 2133MHz
DDR4 (SODIMM) 2400MHz 8GB Kingston HX424S15IBK4/32 Skhynix DS 8GB Runs at 2133MHz

 SATA Interface

 USB Interface

VenderModelDevice TypeDisk SizeDisk CapacityUSB IF SS CETIFIED
Kingston FCR-HS3 USB3.0 Crad Reader N/A N/A N/A
Seagate Backup Plus SRD0SP0 1TB USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 1TB N/A
Western Digital My Passport WDBBEP0010BSL USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 1TB N/A
HGST TOURO Mobile USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 1TB N/A
Uptech Uptech UH210 USB3.0 HUB N/A N/A N/A
Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive SRD00F2 USB3.0 HDD 3.5'' 2TB N/A
ORICO H4928-U3-BK1225201 USB3.0 HUB N/A N/A N/A
Seagate STDR2000300 USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 2TB N/A
Samsung HX-D201TDBG USB3.0 HDD 3.5'' 2TB N/A
Western Digital My Book WDBWLG0020HBK USB3.0 HDD 3.5'' 2TB N/A
TOSHIBA V3DCH-032G-BL USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 32GB N/A
teclast CF64GBNSI-B3 USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 64GB N/A
Panasonic ECD008-SAU3 USB3.0 ODD N/A N/A N/A
Samsung M3 Portable USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 1TB N/A
Kingston DataTraveler G4 USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 32GB N/A
Sony HD-E1 USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 1TB N/A
Transcend TS256GESD400K USB3.0 SSD 1.8" 256GB N/A
UNITEK Y-3462 USB3.0 LAN Converter N/A N/A N/A
TOSHIBA TransMemory-EX2 USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 128GB N/A
Transcend JefFlash 700 USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 16GB N/A
Kingston DTDUO3C USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 64GB N/A
EAGET Micro USB.V90.OTG USB3.0 Flash Disk N/A 64GB N/A
WD WDBU6Y0020BBK.Elements USB3.0 HDD 2.5'' 2TB N/A
Kingston DTMC3 USB3.1 Flash Disk N/A 64GB N/A