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Green Solider- ECS eGS
Do our best to love the earth

All global top enterprises strive for “How to energy-saving”. According to research, we need to plant 386,900 trees to consume carbon dioxide (CO2) per 1 million computers. As one of global top enterprises, Elitegroup, has paid much attention on environment production. This year, ECS launches the latest energy-saving software- ECS eGS adjusting the frequency of CPU and hibernating automatically when hardware and monitor idle. It can see ECS loves our environment by actual actions and also save consumers’ pocket money.

1. Energy-saving has been gradually emphasized for the recent years. As for awareness of environment protection, is ECS ready for do something?
(ECS has strived no efforts on environment production. In ECS products side, they must pass RoHS, WEEE rules, EuP certification and Energy star and make sure product recycling will meet environment requirement. So far, ECS develops new software ECS eGS that can see ECS pays much attention on environment production and does our part to do good to the earth. )
2. Can you introduce eGS technology you referred to ?
Sure, eGS is ECS exclusive software, easy Green Saver, can know CPU loading quickly and then adjust CPU frequency. We often put PC idle or just do some document processing and internet surfing. In these conditions, CPU doesn’t need to so high frequency. It will consume more power meaning will increase utility expense and it also a burden for our environment. So, we hope to develop this software to save energy by lower CPU frequency.
3. How eGS to do energy-saving?
eGS has two ways to save the energy. First of all, adjusting the frequency of CPU according to CPU loading to lower its watt . The other, after LCD and HD idle, eGS will let LCD and HD hibernating automatically. eGS does these two actions will help user PC power-saving.
4.How wide range of CPU frequency can eGS adjust ?
eGS  offers three modes to let users to choose, including Auto mode, Normal mode and Power mode. First, Auto mode will help user to determine to lower the range of CPU frequency. Second, Normal mode returns to the original setting and doesn’t do any actions. The last one, Power saving mode can let user control the range of CPU frequency. If you don’t want to follow auto mode, power saving mode is the good choice for you.
5.How does eGS adjust CPU frequency under Auto mode?
eGS adjust CPU frequency according to CPU loading under auto mode. When CPU loading is below 25%, CPU frequency will lower 10MHz. When CPU loading is between 25% to 50%, CPU frequency will lower 5MHz. When CPU loading is between 50% to 80%, CPU frequency will lower 3MHz. When CPU loading is between 25% to 50%, CPU frequency will keep the present frequency in accordance to its loading.
6. How do users know the CPU loading of themselves PC?
(eGS has this sweet design. CPU loading will show on window title of eGS, so users can know CPU loading quickly. Besides, windows coloring differentiates CPU loading. “Green” stands for CPU loading below 25%, “Yellow” stands for CPU loading between 25% to 50%, “Orange” stands for CPU loading between 50% to 80% and “Red” stands for CPU above 80%. Users can determine how to set eGS by clear color and title of windows.)
7. Dose eGS keep the previous setting even after restart PC?
Of course, eGS will record your previous setting. Even though, the details on each mode will be recorded. And then eGS will load your previous setting when you use the software next time. Besides, it will be resided on the horizontal tool bar at bottom in Windows environment for convenient and efficient use.
8.Which motherboards do support eGS so far? Will this software be introduced to all ECS models?
Basically, Intel 6 series chipset based motherboards and some specific models, including the most popular motherboard – P55H-AK, all support eGS. Users can check eGS microsite for catching the latest updates of eGS supporting list. If there is a great increase in the demand, introducing to all ECS models will be just a matter of time.

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