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Ready to rock your PC?! M.I.B. + eOC = WOOOOW !!
(M.I.B. and eOC are the best conbination for overclocking)

All top motherboard manufactures offer overclocking utilities for power users, each of these tools has strong points. We got a secret overcloclocking skill on the introduction with John Chou, the hardware dep. senior manager. ECS’s solution really offer enthusiast an another way to enjoy overclocking.
To operate in coordination with M.I.B and eOC, I bet the result will be over your imagination! 
a. ECS did not focus on overclocking in the past, why does ECS begin to develop M.I.B. and eOC OC utilities?
In the past, we think overclocking will seriously harm user’s computer. But now is just the right time to develop OC technologies. Besides the market demand, we are sure that CPUs/memory models are stable enough for overclocking.

b. What’s differences between “eOC” you mentioned with and M.I.B.? Is it designed for easy or advanced overclocking?
Easy Overclocking Utility” we named it eOC, it follows the same rule with other ECS software: Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. eOC sure is designed for easy overclocking. The main difference between them is that eOC is a Windows-based utility and M.I.B. is a BIOS-based utility. If users wants to experience advanced overclocking, they can try setting up M.I.B. first and then using eOC later. We’re very sure that the result will be amazing and over users’ imagination after we used it for many times.

c. What convenient functions does eOC provide for users?
1. It will execute after finish booting automatically.
2. User can save the setting as overclocking success.
3. If Overclocking fail, eOC will ask you whether using previous safe setting or not.

d. How long do you recommend to stop overclocking for protecting to protect your computer from harm?
Users don’t need to do that if their system are stable. As I mentioned, now CPU and memory have been stabled enough for overclocking. All we have to notice is heat dissipation issue. General speaking, as the temperature of system is over 72 degree, the performance will slow down. Remember to keep your system at a low temperature is the correct concept.
e. Would you heartily recommend users overclocking their PC? 
If you can make sure to keep your system stable, why not? We also recommend to use high-end motherboard like ECS P55H-AK because most of them are designed for overclocking. Besides that, user needs to notice the heat dissipation issue and you can enjoy the fun of ultimate overclocking.
f. Could you tell us something more about further Improvement plans of eOC?
Actually, we keep delivering point release all the time and users can get the latest version by updating BIOS. Now we are surveying and gathering more users’ requirements for new revision, the new eOC must still be easy-to-use and easy-to-understand, anyway.

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