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Power up ECS A75 Series Dual Graphics—Gain one Free Extra Graphics Card

Here is the quick talk about the new technology—Dual Graphics, the latest function supported by ECS A75 series motherboard with AMD A series APU(Accelerated Processors Units). With the integrated graphics of APU and one discrete graphics card, Dual Graphics function is somehow like CrossFireXTM. However, there is a big difference from CrossFireXTM: Unlike CrossFireXTM using two discrete graphics cards to enable the function, Dual Graphics requires the integrated graphics from A series APU. It is the exclusive feature of A series of APU with ECS A75 series motherboards.
Q: How to use Dual Graphics function?
A: To enable the Dual Graphics function of your A75 series motherboards, you need to go into your BIOS to open this function. Since ECS has presented GUI UEFI, it is very easy to adjust BIOS by one click on the mouse. Enter the Chipset page in BIOS; then open the sub-catalogue of North Bridge. In North Chipset Configuration, you would find IGD Memory set as auto. change the Initiate Graphics Adapter to IGD and enable the CrossFire function.
Q: How’s the performance of Dual Graphics?
A: during the test, the original on-board graphics would already get good performance on 3D Mark 06 with 5580 points. After installing the discrete graphics card HD 6670 and enabling the Dual Graphics function, the performance could improve to 94% more reaching 10836. Also, the new generation of all A series APU already fully support DirectX® 11. With the outstanding Dual Graphics technology, users could expect the smooth and mind-blowing gaming experience. Furthermore, with ECS eOC utility, users may be able to over-clock your APU by adjusting frequency to achieve 101% or even more extra performance.
(The score would differ according to adopting different devices.)
Q: It sounds exciting; does it mean users could get one free extra graphics card performance?
A: Yes, Dual Graphics technology power up your integrated APU graphics power with a discrete graphics card. Same as the concept of CrossFireXTM, Dual Graphics aims to power up the capability of single integrated graphics or single discrete graphics. Of course, we recommend that users use your system on the purpose of stability.
Q: Last technical question: Are any graphics cards compliant with Dual Graphics technology?
A: Yes, like CrossFireXTM, different graphics cards are compliant with certain graphics cards, Dual Graphics requires certain graphics cards to run with AMD A series APU. There are two kinds of integrated graphics of A series APU: RadeonTM HD 6550D and 6530D. No matter which APU users use, they are all compliant with RadeonTM HD 6670, HD 6570 and HD 6450.
Since ECS launched HDC-I with APU E-350 to amaze the market, users have waited to experience new A series APU for a while. Finally, ECS presents A75 series motherboards as the best APU platform which of course fully supports the breathtaking Dual Graphics technology. ECS A75 series motherboards with Dual Graphics display astonishing performance, could even gain amazingly 101% performance. It’s almost like gaining one extra free graphics cards.

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