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Guard all users’ right- All ECS motherboards with Solid Capacitor for CPU Power

While overclocking has been becoming more and more popular for users, the CPU power regulations are required more durable components. However, if your motherboards do not equip solid capacitors during overclocking, your motherboards may have shorter longevity and be less stable. ECS concerns about better quality and more durable products for our customers; therefore, ECS designs completely solid capacitors in the CPU power region.

As acknowledge the feature of solid capacitors for all users, high-end motherboards are applied all capacitors for the professionals and PC enthusiasts as full-loading for a long time, whereas general motherboards applied some solid capacitors in the CPU power region for the needs of general-power users. No matter you are professionals, PC enthusiasts or general-power users, ECS insists that we only use the most reliable solid capacitors on all motherboards in order to prevent from system failure and instability.

1.     Why do we use solid capacitors for CPU power?
The CPU power region usually generates higher temperatures which could lead to a serious damage of electrolytic capacitors for undertaking long-hour high temperature(See the picture 1 below). Thus, ECS opts to use more stable and safer capacitors for improving stability at high temperature.

Picture1 Electrolytic Capacitors Explosion

2.     What is the difference from solid capacitors and electrolytic capacitors?
Solid capacitors provide ten times longer lifespan and four times safer than electrolytic capacitors. Moreover, the performance of solid capacitors which features better heat resistance and higher electric conductivity is more reliable and stable.

Capacitor type
Electrolytic Capacitor
Solid Capacitor
Electrolytic solution
Conductive polymers
High ESR/ low Ripple current
Low ESR / High Ripple current
Prolong the life 4 times when the temperature reduce 20℃
Prolong the life 10 times when the temperature reduce 20℃
Bad air tightness
Good air tightness
Normal ink
UV ink

3.     How can you identify solid capacitors?
The easiest way to identify is to see the roll cover of capacitors. The roll of solid capacitors is made of aluminum whereas the roll of electrolytic capacitors is made of plastic. Hence, identifying the solid capacitors is easy, as solid capacitors are wrapped in foil with conductive Polymer.

4.     Is all the shell of solid capacitors made of aluminum?
No, not all the manufacturers do. Some manufacturers who cheat on users use an aluminium shell to cover traditional electrolytic capacitors. Nevertheless, ECS guarantees that we equip completely authentic solid capacitor shells and components in order to offer users the best quality and the worth spending.

5.     Do all ECS motherboards feature solid capacitors?
Yes, we do. Completely solid capacitors are built on our high-end motherboards and the CPU region of the other models.


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