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Expose the backstage manipulator of ECS ( Part I – eJIFFY)

Access to the cloud in just 8 seconds.
Interview John Chou - Senior Manager in ECS Firmware Dep.

Media like to compare eJIFFY to Express Gate, but they do not find yet the main difference between these two APs.Many features of ECS eJIFFY are seminar to Express Gate, including it can boost up without booting up windows…” John Chou express clearly , “ the main difference is EJIFFY has introduced to all ECS motherboards"

a. What’s the majorattraction of eJIFFY?
1. Boosting up without booting up windows.
2. Instant-on and repaid access to internet in 8 seconds.
3. Don’t worry about the virus which is popular in Window
  4. When system crashed, you can still use internet services and evenget help via internet.
5. 16 kinds of instant messenger accounts can be integrated all at once, making online chatting a convenient way.
b. Don’t you worry about the abused problem, since eJIFFY is such a useful tool?
Not at all. eJIFFY will check the BIOS and make sure if it is ECS motherboard.
And eJIFFY won’t work if it is installed on other brand motherboard.
c. Will eJIFFY  be introduced to all ECS motherboards?
    Our pm team has planed to introduce eJIFFY to all segment of motherboards, unless very old or EOL products . Simply speaking, any motherboard you buy from stores now are all supporting eJIFFY.
d. What’s the main difference between eJIFFY and Express Gate?
     The concept is not different. But Express Gate is only introduced to few motherboards, eJIFFY isalmost introduced to all models. Therefore, why should we pay more to enjoy the same feature?
e. What’s the most difficult challenge during the development period?
     The most challenging problem we faced is “consistency” because eJIFFY have to provide the fully support ranging from high-end to low-end models. We definitely paid a lot of resource on it , but it is worth it. 
f.  It said that the Linux-base eJIFFY have to installed in Windows OS does not make sense. How do you think ?
We think it have no need to install eJIFFY if you’re using Linux OS. It’s well known that Linux brings a faster boot. The main purpose of eJIFFY is to give a speedy boost for those users who are using windows OS.  It’s reasonable to install eJIFFY in Windows.  We developed “no installation required” eJIFFY before, but the performance was not as good as current version.

 g. How many language does eJIFFY support?
     It supports over 20 languages currently. Basically, we expect eJIFFY can support all local languages of our sales regions.

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