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Expose the backstage manipulator of ECS (Part II - GPS) -
Does ECS enter automotive electronics?

GPS? Does ECS enter automotive electronics?
Interview Ren Kuo - Senior Manager of ECS R&D Dep.

At first you might think ECS has entered car electronics, however , ECS GPS is not that GPS.
But both of them have a similar guiding function. Through these two light indicators, users can adjudge easily if they need a discrete card or not. What a simple and useful tool, right? It’s obviously that ECS has changed!

Ren Kuo

a. Does ECS enter automotive electronics start to develop GPS products?
   ECS GPS is an display indicator, means “Graphics Processor Sensor”. It’s completely different from GPS Navigation. But ECS GPS do have a guiding function like as GPS Navigation has. Maybe it’s why our marketing staff named it “GPS”.
b. What is GPS for?
Many users may not understand exactly what kinds of Intel’s new CPUs they bought. After they finished up to built a computer with an H55 motherboard and a Lynfield CPU,  it’s possible they have no idea about why their monitor display nothing. That’s GPS wants to show the reason for users.

c.Why we don’t need GPS in the past?
Intel integrated graphics core in North Bridge chip instead of in CPUs in the past.  Users can adjudge if they need an extra graphics card from the rear IO of motherboards. However, it depends on CPUs now, not motherboards.
d. What does the GPS light indicate?
GPS consist of a set of two colored lights, red and blue. Blue light indicates the CPU on system has a graphics core inside.  Users can connect monitor via an onboard display output interface or a discrete card.  Red light means the CPU does not integrate a graphics core, so user have to buy a discrete card.

e. Will the GPS light increase PC temperature instead?
    No, it won’t. The LED we choose have passed a rigorous selection process and a critical test. The power consumption of LED is under 20Mw, that won’t have any effects on temperature.

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