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Coolelar only campaigned for ECS in Computex, ECS overclocking technologies is readily receiving recognition!

“Overclocking ” becomes the latest trends and the important basis to qualify motherboard for the gamers.
ECS invited Coolelar, the master of overlcocking, in Computex 2010, that can see ECS overclocking technologies is quite mature and featured.
The following is simple interview with ECS O.C Sweetie Alice to unveil ECS overclocking technologies for us.

1. All motherboard manufacturers emphasize overclocking, so what is advantage of ECS overclocking technologies?
ECS overclocking technologies can let users overclocking easier. Because of the easy design of BIOS, users can get the hang of overclocking in using ECS motherboard.
2. Do we need to have any know-how when using ECS motherboards?
Users need to know how to enter BIOS interface to setup only, and they can start to overclock without any extra actions. One thing users need to notice that choose a general CPU cooler to avoid the higher temperature of CPU.
3. Is ECS motherboard overclocked by BIOS setup or provided more convenient ways for users?
We provide two different ways to overclock for user with MIB and eOC on ECS black series motherboard. M.I.B (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS) is overclocking in BIOS interface, while Eoc(Easy Over Clock Utility) provides user-friendly windows operation interface for novices and overclockers, with clicking on your mouse only you can get much higher performance of CPU quickly.
Combined with ECS MIB technology to challenge undiscovered extreme overclocking than ever before.
4. Is it safe about overclocking technologies of ECS motherboard?
It is possible to hurt  your motherboard, CPU or memory in overclocking. However, with ECS exclusive and sweet O.C Profile design of M.I.B X, Its setup sorts to Light, Middle and Heavy these three levels make users to overclock in the safe ranges.
5. Coolaler only campaign for ECS in Computex 2010, and why he would choose ECS ?
Per our talk before, everyone can see that we are hard-working on overclocking. In addition, the quality of ECS motherboard is worthy of recommending, so Coolelar was willing to campaign for ECS in Computex 2010.
6. Coolaler overclocked the CPU from 3.20GHz to 5 GHz in Computex 2010, can gamers also do that?
Of course, If users have this ECS P55H-AK motherboard, and they must can do it with slotting Intel Clarkdale 66K CPU with unlocked frequency to ECS P55H-AK under air cooling. It can overclock CPU from 3.2GHz to 5GHz that grows up to nearly 70% working frequency. Besides, ECS P55H-AK with special BIOS design MIB X- Extreme, only a few steps can make overclocking steadily.
7.Please recommend one overclocking motherboard to gamers.
All ECS motherboards with M.I.B are suitable to overlcock for users, while for ultimate gamers for overclocking, my recommendation is the same as Coolaler that ECS P55H-AK is the best choice so far.

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