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Experience Win 8 With ECS 1st Ever Ready Win 8 Support in full product Line
2012/8/21 下午 04:18:53

Congratulation! ECS announces that it is the first hardware manufacturer to support the Windows 8 Hardware Program for its entire product line. 

Nonstop technology provides the best long-term stability for your computing experience.
2012/8/21 上午 11:52:09
Dear readers,

Right now ECS Nonstop technology provides 4 main features from best component to protection mechanism for maximum long-term stability of users’ personal computers.  
Let’s click the link above to get more information!
ECS X79R-AX air-cooled overclocking up to 5Ghz!!
2011/12/8 下午 05:02:21
" ECS Black Extreme X79R-AX motherboard successfully achieves CPU Over-Clock to 5G with Air-Cooling. There is no doubt that the X79R-AX motherboard is the Invincible Gaming Station of Choice!  Let's take a look on"
Is Your PC Ready for Battlefield 3? Check This Out!!
2011/10/21 下午 06:18:45

Dear readers,

Right now ECS provides a useful utility - GPU Analyzer, which can help you analyze if your PC ready for Battlefield 3 and provide the solution for upgrading your Battlefield 3 experience.

Please click "Check Now" button below.
No More Fake PCIe Gen 3 Platform! A real PCIe Gen 3 Support platform, you might need all the following conditions to make it real...
2011/8/19 下午 06:09:56
Dear reader,
No matter you are regular PC users or heavy power users seeking for higher performance, you definitely have the right to know the "
Guard all users’ right- All ECS motherboards with Solid Capacitor for CPU Power
2011/7/29 下午 06:06:37

While overclocking has been becoming more and more popular for users, the CPU power regulations are required more durable components. However, if your motherboards do not equip solid capacitors during overclocking, your motherboards may have shorter longevity and be l"

ECS QoolTech IV help your PC take the temperature.
2011/7/8 下午 05:13:24

1. Why do we take attention on the temperature of your PC?
If your PC doesn’t have the complete cooler device, it is possible that damages on CPU. It is really important to have cooler device to protect your CPU. 

2. How to get"

Power up ECS A75 Series Dual Graphics—Gain one Free Extra Graphics Card
2011/7/6 上午 11:05:40
Here is the quick talk about the new technology—Dual Graphics, the latest function supported by ECS A75 series motherboard with AMD A series APU(Accelerated Processors Units). With the integrated graphics of APU and one discrete graphics card, Dual Gr"
Time Saver— ECS EZCharger Speed up Your USB Charge Power
2011/3/11 下午 06:23:06
As there are more and more APPLE products users, most of them rely on USB port of their own computers to get their iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch charged. Comparing to traditional USB port, ECS launches new utility—EZCharger to save users’ precious time"
ECS packs its P67H2-A2 with the greatest number of features (From Tom’s hardware review)
2011/3/10 下午 05:11:25
"ECS packs its P67H2-A2 with the greatest number of features (From Tom’s hardware review) SLI and CrossFire
2.sweet design for two graphics cards at triple-slot spacing
3.NO.1 motherboard providing a convertible front-panel/slot plate USB breakou"
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