G24采用23.6吋十指多点触控屏幕设计,不仅造型流利轻薄且可能使您的Windows 8.1达到最大的性能表现,G24不但是您的个人计算机更可成为家中的第二台TV。并且搭配HDMI-IN的影像支持,大大提升一般计算机的无限可能。独特的抽取式硬盘设计,更是您省时便利的最佳助手。 ECS为您量身打造的新一代AIO G24,绝对是您工作、娱乐不可或缺的好帮手。

Various Design


Fit All Your Demands

Elegant edge-to-edge design brings you the brilliant Windows 8.1 eperience. With optional multi-touch feature,you are free to enjoy various gesture function like scrolling, tapping, swiping and zooming. Streamlined shape and stylish design, no messy ventilators and screw holes, make G24 as an artistic decoration in any place. The thoughtful line-gathering hole on stand help you to organize all the annoying cable. Say goodbye to your clttered desk!


Flexibility Free

Using Thin mini ITX standard mainboard creates flexibility to choose various solution for every usage, a high BTO capability.