Broadwell Refresh Processor BIOS update

※ Be sure to update BIOS with OLD CPU, then you can use your new Broadwell CPU successfully.
※ Once update the BIOS below, you could upgrade the latest version only. Please DO NOT flash the old version.

Please refer to following steps to complete BIOS update(EVO BIOS) now.

Please download the BIOS & CPU EVO Package from chipset column.
Please note each file name of the BIOS & CPU EVO Package below is followed by the model name.

Z97 / H97

   Model Name       EVO Package    ROM BIOS 
    ( Read * First)

  •    N/A
  •    N/A
  •    N/A
  •    N/A
* EVO BIOS supports both Broadwell and Haswell CPUs after updating.


Reboot your PC and Press "Delete" to enter ECS BIOS interface-ECS EZ BIOS (left screenshot below).
Select "Advanced" mode to continue updating BIOS (right screenshot below).
Set "ME Control" to be DISABLE.
Chipset > ME Configuration
ME Control > Enabled
EXIT > Save Changes and Reset

You can choose to update BIOS under DOS or Windows OS. We provide two operating procedures for your reference. Make sure you've downloaded CPU EVO 2 Package at STEP 1 before continue the next step.

STEP4 BIOS update under DOS
Input filename of CPU EVO 2 package and press enter key. e.q. CpuEvo.exe
Input 'y' and press enter key to agree the disclaimer to continue BIOS update
Reboot the system
STEP4 BIOS update under Windows
Click AP file (Cpuevo.exe) to continue updating BIOS.
Make sure all other applications are closed or saved, then press "Upgrade" button.
Do not abort the upgrade process or turn off the power while processing. System will automatically shutdown after flashing the BIOS.
Reboot your PC , press F2 or DEL to enter BIOS setting page.
Restore BIOS to its default settings ( EZ Mode or Advanced Mode).
1. Restoring Default Setting in "EZ Mode".
Default > Yes
2. Restoring Default Setting in "Advanced Mode" .
EXIT > Restore Defaults > Yes
Reboot your PC and enter ECS BIOS interface-ECS EZ BIOS again.
Make sure the "Build Date" is updated.
BIOS Update Successfully.
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