• Windows 10 Workable support

  • Admite 3 pantallas independientes

  • Diseno de alimentacion por 3+2 fases

  • Diseno aplicado de capacitores 100% solidos para maximizar la fiabilidad del componente

  • Compatible con la Tecnologia Durathon de ECS para garantizar la estabilidad, la fiabilidad y el rendimiento del sistema
    (PCB de Triple Densidad; Resistencia a Temperaturas extremas; 1.5K de Prueba Marathon; CAPs solidos superiores)

  • ESD Protection prevents computers from electrostatic discharge damage to enhance
    its durability and lifespan

  • Compatible con EZ BIOS para poder configurar la BIOS en la interfaz grafica dentro de un entorno poliglota

  • Supports GUI UEFI for tweaking BIOS in Graphical interface within a multi language

  • Compatible con la tecnologia HDMI 1.4a (resolucion hasta 1920X1200 ) y la funcion HDCP

  • Compatible con la tecnologia Dual Graphics de AMD

  • Utilidad Intelligent EZ de ECS: eBLU, eDLU, eSF


Perfect Compatibility

Perfect COMPATIBILITY is vital to Motherboard. ECS performed thousands of tests and modifications to perfect AM4’s layout to ensure well compatibility with case designs and CPU coolers.


ECS AM4 Stable VRM


ECS Durable PCI-E Slot


Stabilized USB Port

Powerful and Stabilized 5V better audio quality through the USB even connecting many USB devices, which others are unable to reach at.


M.2 of PCIe High Speed

M.2 speed up to 16 Gbps. The bandwidth never be shared. More flexible for different length card. (2242, 2260, 2280).


Crystal Clear Audio HD+